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紐約獨立名廠 Captured Tracks 與她的姐妹廠 Sinderlyn, 2MR 系列 CD/LP 大到貨。

B Boys《DADA》(clear vinyl)

chastity《Die from my mind》(7")

CULTS《Offering》(CD, Special Edition LP)

DIIV《Is the Is Are》(CD, 2LP)
DIIV《Oshin》(CD, LP)

Dinner《New York》(clear vinyl)

EZTV《Calling Out》(CD, LP)
EZTV《High In Place》(Cd, LP)

The Fresh & Onlys《Wolf Lie Down》(LP)

Gabriella Cohen《Full Closure and No Details》(LP)

Gel Set《Body copy》(LP)

Homeshake《In The Shower》 (CD, LP)
Homeshake《Midnight Snack》(CD, LP)
Homeshake《Fresh Air》(CD, LP, Cassette)
Homeshake《The Homeshake Tape》(Cassette)
Homeshake《Dynamic Meditation》(Cassette)

Jaye Bartell《In a Time of Trouble a Wild Exulation》(LP)

Kedr livanskiy《Ariadna》(LP)

Lina Tullgren《Won》(CD, Colored Vinyl)

Mac DeMarco《Another One》(CD, LP)
Mac DeMarco《2》(CD, LP)
Mac DeMarco《Salad Days》(CD, LP)
Mac DeMarco《Rock and Roll Night Club》(CD, LP)
Mac DeMarco《This Old Dog》(CD, LP)
Mac DeMarco《2 Demos》(Cassette)

Matteo Vallicelli《Primo》(LP)

Molly Burch《Please Be Mine》(CD, LP)

Naomi Punk《Yellow》(LP)

NOVELLA《Change of State》(CD, LP)

Reptaliens《FM-2030》(clear vinyl)
Reptaliens《debut single》(7”)

Stray Trolleys《Barricades and Angels》(clear vinyl)

Tim Cohen《Luck Man》(CD, LP)

VAGUESS《Guilt Ring》(LP)

walter tv《Carpe Diem》(clear vinyl)

Widowspeak《Expect The Best》(CD, Special Edition LP)
Widowspeak《All Yours》(LP)

Wild Nothing《Gemini》(CD, LP)
Wild Nothing《Nocturne》(CD, LP)





知覺的礁岩 Known Rocks
Alternative Rock, Ambient, Instrumental, Post-Rock, Taiwan Indie,


Sleep Party People (夢遊派對人)
Lingering (縈繞)
Dream Pop, Electronic, Krautrock, Shoegaze,


Iwamura Ryuta 岩村竜太
Reading to Hear (閱讀聆聽)
Ambient, Neo Classic, P Series, Piano,




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